Tom and some of the Company Officers and boys have very had a busy summer completing Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh expeditions.  Bronze and Silver boys spent several nights completing the necessary training before heading on several training walks. Training is very detailed and covers topics such as navigation, route planning, camp craft, emergency situations and First Aid.

Once all of the groups had demonstrated their skills, understanding and physical fitness requirements, each completed an unaccompanied practice expedition. This allows boys to put into practice everything they have learned as well as demonstrating they are ready to compete their final qualifying expedition.

Weather conditions were particularly challenging for the boys on the practice and qualifying expeditions this year. It was extremely wet and visibility was poor making navigation particularly challenging. Several other expedition groups from other BB’s and GB’s had to abandon their expeditions as they found the conditions too difficult. 1st Saintfield groups pushed on through the difficulties and successfully completed their expeditions. We would congratulate the boys on their team work and navigation skills which allowed all of the groups to complete their expeditions successfully.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tom and the Company officers who spend many of their weekends in the mountains with the boys and without any home comforts. Thank you also to the parents who encourage the boys to take part and for assisting with transport over the summer as the Church minibus is unfortunately no longer available.

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